Hiring Debt Consultant for EduDebt
Hiring Debt Consultant for EduDebt

Role of a Debt Consultant (freelance)

As a debt consultant, your role is to guide clients facing financial difficulties toward a path of financial freedom. By advising them on their debt issues and successfully enrolling them in a government debt program, clients can benefit from significant advantages such as zero interest, affordable monthly payments based on their financial capacity, and a guarantee of being debt-free within five years.

To qualify as a debt consultant, you must undergo comprehensive training to understand various types of debt situations and the procedures involved in applying for the government scheme. This training ensures that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective assistance to those in need.

We understand that you may have several questions regarding training, prerequisites, and the details of this opportunity. This form is simply for registering your interest. You will be invited for our next Introductory Talk happening on Zoom (1 hour session). During this session, we will provide a comprehensive hour-long presentation to address all the information you need. Following the talk, you can make an informed decision about whether this opportunity is suitable for you.

Recruitment Process


No background in finance or consultancy is required. We provide comprehensive training. However, we seek individuals who are enthusiastic about helping people, possess strong communication skills, and enjoy interacting with others.

Duration and Timing of Training

Our future intake is in September and November 2024 training. There is a total of 2 physical days of training at the head office in Yishun, and another day for tests.

We will address more questions during the Introductory Talk in June. For now, please continue to register your details below so that we can send you an invitation link to RSVP for the talk.

Important Note

We are seeking dedicated and motivated consultants who are eager to learn.

PS: Please indicate the name of your referrer as you fill out these details. It is important for us to acknowledge the consultant or employee who referred you to our business. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

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